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Building meaningful family bonds

Each photograph has the potential to tell a story.

A picture of a football could speak of a child’s passion for sport. One of friends laughing could highlight a sibling's humorous and amicable nature, and perhaps a picture of a desk—decorated with family photographs—could speak of a parent's steadfast love for you.

Such stories are central to ALittleCamera.

Run in partnership with community/welfare organisations such as Kampong Glam Community Centre and supported by the National Youth Foundation, ALittleCamera seeks to engage several families using photography over the course of two months.

During this period, participants are given film cameras, and are encouraged to create an image journal - a collection of photos centered around the theme "The Things I Love".

It is our hope that these visual stories consolidate to become a small representation of a person's life, and through this, we hope that participants will be better able to share and communicate their experiences with those closest to them.

At the end of the day, ALittleCamera is really just about seeing and appreciating life through a different set of lens.

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