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Spreading a bit of cheer each season

Our festive projects first began as a Christmas day care package initiative in 2015. On that morning, we gathered volunteers to give out small goodie bags consisting of snacks, and essential items to spread the festive cheer to individuals living in one-room rental flats around the French Road area.

Noting the positive reception towards our pilot care package project, we expanded it to include other important festivals such as Deepavali, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year.

During these events, we hope to converse and form lasting connections with those we serve. Our main objective is not merely to give out goodie bags but rather, to get people from different backgrounds to interact meaningfully and celebrate the festive season with those who otherwise may not have the option to do so.

ALittleFestive projects are often the gateway into our organization for many members due to their accessible but meaningful nature. We encourage all interested parties to join us in one of these events to learn more about the organization and what it does! Updates and new projects are often posted on our Instagram page @_alittlechange, so do follow to be notified of upcoming festive events.

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