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Executive Committee

The people managing operations behind the scenes


David Leong


"Hi I'm David :) I enjoy Thai food and photography! My passion lies in volunteering and having like-minded youth help the community alongside me. Cheers!"

Chloe Ng

Vice - President

"Hello everyone!! I’m Chloe!! In my free time I like to try out new recipes to cook and bake 😋😋 I watch a nasty amount of dramas and read some books when I can as well. I believe ALC is a safe place for us to grow and extend our touch to the community we live in, and I hope to expand our ALC family soon!! see y’all 😆😆"


Ang Sze Ern


"Hello! I'm Sze Ern 😋 I love capturing memories in special ways like film photography, camcorders or even through various forms of art! But honestly nothing can beat my huge love for eggs…🥚🍳💗 ALC means alot to me as it is a tight-knit community that allowed me to connect with so many people from different walks of life (even during the pandemic!), and I wish to make ALC a space for several others to feel the same too! 😆❤️"

Bryan Lai


"New year, new role, same me. Treasurer sounded fun, and I wanted to be someone's treasure for once so here I am. I hope to give lots of money to ALC YAY.
To end off, here's a quote from an ALC founding father.
'underidoderidoderiododeridoo' "

photo_2022-12-08 08.37.09.jpeg

Charleen Tan

Community Engagement Head

"“You free later?”

“Mahjong ah?”

Apart from mahjong, I watch anime and play Osu during my free time!

Beyond my academic life, I actively seek volunteering opportunities, internships and have been involved in the MUN circuit, driven by my desire to learn and serve.

(ps I live to eat and am currently in my truffle phase :p)"

Ang Sze Ern

Head of Publicity

"Hi it's me again... LOL"

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