Executive Committee

The people managing operations behind the scenes


Harold Lee


"I am a first year student in NUS, and my hobbies include playing the guitar, muay thai and writing poetry!"


Veanna Ranka


"Hi I'm veanna, or otherwise belovedly known as "CEO of expressions". My facial expressions often say more than my words. Jokes aside, I'm this really fun, outgoing and creative person. I love photography, SpaceX and once in a while, talking to the moon. I hope that as the Secretary of ALittleChange, I can spark the flame of volunteering in our youths and work towards making our community a more wholesome place!"

Lew Xuan Ming


"Bryan, Please add details."


"You little sh-"

*He slaps him* 

- Shakespear scene (probably)


Dave Chan

Vice - President

"During my free time, i like to do calisthenics and play a game of football with peeps. I envision to make a positive change around us a little step at time."

goddamit chen xing.jpg

Lim Chen Xing

Community Engagement Head

I enjoy photography as it gives me meaning to capture the little moments in life both for myself and the people around me. I have recently taken a keen interest in sport climbing and loves animals. (I consider  myself to be both a "dog person" and a "cat person"). I also enjoys activities that give a sense of fulfilment ^~^ 

Bryan Lai

Head of Publicity

"Building websites using wix makes my blood pressure skyrocket higher than the altitude that SpaceX's B.F.Rs reach.... 

You can really see the pain in my eyes."